According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, globalization functions as a synonym for one or more of the following:

1. “pursuit of ‘free market’ policies in the world economy”

Free trade encourages the flow of goods and products across transnational borders.  One tenet of globalization is deterritorialization: while territorial borders still exist, they are more easily navigable.  With the institution of free trade policies, then, the market becomes increasingly deregulated.

2. “growing dominance of western forms of political, economic, and cultural life”

The growing dominance of Western life supports the belief that globalization is actually Westernization.  The spread of Western values, such as democracy, can be seen both from positive and negative perspectives.

3. “proliferation of new information technologies”

Because of increased spread of technology, people across the world can communicate more quickly and in an easier manner.

4. “global integration”

The world is becoming increasingly deterritorialized and interconnected.

“Most contemporary social theorists endorse the view that globalization refers to changes in the spatial and temporal contours of social existence.”


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