Is Globalization “Good” for America?

AmericaThere are certain aspects of globalization that can be of positive influence to American citizens as well as the United States in general.  There are also however, negative effects that globalization presents to Americans.  Globalization is not entirely good, yet not entirely evil.

First of all, one concern that arises with globalization when in relation to the well being of the United States, is that the free trade environment is letting good jobs drain from the United States economy.  These jobs are being outsourced to countries like India, China and others where workers allow for much lower salaries.  Globalization in general can create a loss of jobs to foreign workers if the outside supplier is more efficient.  American workers are being thrown into a global labor pool.  They have to compete against other workers who will work for less salary and this poses a problem for American workers.  Also, globalization has increased the U.S. trade deficit, especially when concerning energy imports.

Another negative effect of globalization is the repercussions that occur from the spreading of our ideas and values.  As the United States values and ideals permeate into foreign cultures, some may embrace the new ideals, whereas some cultures may abhor them.  An example of this is the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001.  The United States has spread its relations throughout the world and this can lead to many conflicts between nations and more war if the countries do not take well to the new American influence.

On the other hand, even though there are often more foreign jobs created for other nations because of globalization, expanding an overseas network usually means you have to hire more workers in the United States as well.  These workers are often the IT, logistics, or management people and they work in the United States to aid the company that has expanded globally.

In addition to the hiring of IT and other workers, globalization can also be seen as a “good” thing for Americans because it often means lower prices.  Globalization allows for higher productivity, which is good for the economy.  This higher productivity is the only way to create a higher standard of living.  Similarly, the benefit of free-trade is that the cheaper products allow families to provide for their family members.  The families can concentrate on becoming good at their jobs in order to pay for what they buy.  If globalization did not occur, there would be more expensive products in the United States because companies could not rely on the cheap labor.

All in all, globalization has both positive and negative effects on Americans and the United States.


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