The authors of this site are students at Transylvania University (sophomore William Carey and first-years Courtney Smith, Nick Paul, and Malory Thelen) who are working on a project for a course titled Globalization and Civic Responsibility.  Our goal with this site is to answer three overarching questions about the concept of globalization.  They are:

1. What is globalization?

2. How has globalization impacted the United States and American citizens?

3. Is globalization a “good” thing for Americans and the United States?

Following each general encompassing answer to each of these questions, we have provided specific examples to display the varying positive and negative implications and perspectives on globalization.  With each analysis, we encourage our readers to think critically and form their own opinions about globalization.  Any questions about content or other comments or concerns should be emailed to us at our G-mail account.  Thank you!

Website created on: September 13, 2012

Website last edited on: December 4, 2012


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